Garbology book

As with living creatures, this cell, titanic as it is, represents a small building block for the modern landfill—the part that grows and reproduces each day. Humes interviews Bea Johnson who has managed to reduce her family's garbage output to a few items per year. Not only have garbology studies been found in universities, but in primary and secondary schools as well. It also made me take a hard look at myself and realize how I contribute to the problem.

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My family has made a real effort to cut down on waste by refusing the trashiest stuff plastic shopping bags, excessive packaging, non—recyclable products, disposables and repurposing or recycling the rest. After living in Sacramento for 6 years and then moving back to the Midwest, I can say that some parts of this country are more friendly to this lifestyle than others. Feb 06, Ingrid Sinclair rated it it was amazing. Garbology is also what the community of Holden Village has called its communal sorting, separating, and disposal of landfill, recycling, and compostable items.

Portland, Oregon consistently rates at the top of every list of sustainability, green buildings, recycling rates, clean transportation, energy efficiency, and eco businesses.

Garbology by Edward Humes |

Humes makes a compelling case for the negative effects of garbage and how society can begin to change.

In an effort for states to prevent their area becoming a large landfill often states ship their trash to other states. If not, why not?

But our bins are just the starting point for a strange, impressive, mysterious, and costly journey that may also represent the greatest untapped opportunity of the century. It doesn't decay in the landfill like we thought!

Outside of Los Angeles, there is a landfill called Garbology is a fascinating book that describes the sheer bok of waste we produce and the negative effects that has on everything from the environment to bok wallets. Mar 05, Pages Buy. Apparently, those little buggers are a big problem.

The point is, we could all do small things to chip away at our own personal ton trash heap. Thousands of years from now, the Puente Hills landfill, buffered, insulated, wrapped in layers of clay and polyethylene, and more secure against earthquakes, winds and floods than any other structure in California, may serve a similar archaeological purpose, a tell for future researchers hoping to puzzle out our lifestyle, choices and beliefs.

Please try again later. What I didn't know was the history of trash and recycling collection in the US; information on a artist-in-residence program at a huge landfill; garbage archaology; and a terrific, insightful section on the creation of our consume-and-dispose society after WWII.

But the most compelling parts involve the cast of colorful characters he meets along the way.

Rathje states the irony of this fact in his book. Did it have some interesting facts? I really enjoyed reading this book because it opened my eyes and made me look at things in a new way.

I found some chapters more fascinating than others. For the study of ancient refuse, see Midden. Good luck with that, though. So garbolovy good, right? That's not to say you shouldn't still make the attempt to recycle, but let's stop pretending that because you remembered to throw that soda can into the right bin you are "doing your part.

Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash

A zoom in to look at the specifics of "garbage archeology. Other countries with vibrant economies send almost nothing to landfills. Technology Specialty Travel Business print. By the way, don't be smug and think that your tiny little bit of recycling makes you virtuous.

One effect of reading this book vook that I became hyper-aware of what ends up in our garbage. Not only does is it a sore sight and smell for the surrounding communities, it spews methane gas into the air, exacerbating the effects of global warming.

A Pulitzer Prize—winning journalist takes readers bbook a surprising harbology of the world of garbage. The studies of garbology and archaeology often overlap, because fossilized or otherwise time-modified trash preserved in middens is quite often the only remnant of ancient populations that can be found.

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