Osho vigyan bhairav tantra

The masterpiece of Meditation. Everything changes between these two points. One has not to practice a particular style of breathing, a particular system of breathing or a particular rhythm of breathing — no! They were desiring money, they were desiring fame, they were desiring prestige, they were desiring power.

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The turning is just a by-product. In this very moment the mind cannot move — there is no space. Not only is the breath a bridge to your body, it is also a bridge between you and the universe. And when the mind comes to the present it stops, it is no more. If you try to understand intellectually, it will become a puzzle. Yoga also works on breath, but the work of yoga and tantra is basically different. There are certain points in breathing which you have never observed, and those points are the doors — the nearest doors to you from where you can enter into a different world, into a different being, into a different consciousness.

The Book of the Secrets (Vigyan Bhairav Tantra) (MP3), Osho Viha

O Osno, what is your reality? When you ask how to be in the present, again you are asking about the future. There are certain points, but we are not aware of them.

Man is going to the moon; man is trying to reach farther, from earth into space, and man has not yet learned the nearest part of his life.

What follows next is a detailed commentary on techniques of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra by Osho Rajneesh — one bhairac the most prolific and influential spiritual guru of our time. The masterpiece of Meditation. Seek not and find. The methods are in their seed form. It is said that techniques of meditation of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra are all inclusive. We are breathing continuously from the moment of birth to the moment of death.

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra : Introduction by Osho

You cannot be alive without breath. Shiva answering questions of Devi Parvati. If you can do something with breath, you will be in the world and also beyond it. Someone might forget to breathe for a single moment, and then nothing could be done.

And your being here and now is the truth, and your being here and now is the freedom, and your being here and now is the nirvana. They were desiring money, they were desiring fame, they were desiring prestige, they were desiring power.

It contains techniques of Meditation.

How long should you meditate? When it moves into vigyqn universe, into the body, we know it. However, these methods in their seedy form point towards various powerful meditation techniques.

Understand this very clearly; then these techniques will be easy to understand and also to do. But tantra is not concerned with that. Index of Meditation vhairav of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra. Those techniques, if followed, suddenly turn your mind: Osho, in his life time, has been one of the most important and trustworthy authority on meditation.

It is already the case. Or, there is such a small space that you will need a very minute observation, only then will you become aware of certain points.

That is why You are not required to breathe, because then it would be difficult.

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