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Offshore Technology Conference Disciplines 4. Proceedings of an international conference Oceanology: Log in to your subscription Username. To return to this page use your browser back button.

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Publishers Content Coverage Privacy. Abstract API 6A and 17D, specifications provide the design basis for surface and subsea production equipment bolting in the oil and gas industry.

Offshore Technology Conference Disciplines 4. API defined bolt preload requirements are 0.

Without using technical terms, any kind of damage to, or coating on, the face of either of the joining 71d face flange connectors with BX ring grooves will prevent the face to face contact intended and explained in API Spec 17D.

Sheriff's Encyclopedic Dictionary of 17r Geophysics, fourth edition. Abaqus Manual Documentation, When Swivel Flange Hubs have identical dimensions with Clamp Hubs, and sufficient neck length exists to push the Swivel Flange Ring back away from its Hub with sufficient room to fit a Clamp, then a Clamp will secure this seemingly unorthodox connection.

Advanced search Show search help. The S-N fatigue life predictions for bolting are evaluated based on mean stress and peak stress ranges in the bolt threads. The maximum allowable stress in the bolt due 117d pressure, thermal and external loading is defined to be 0. The inclusion of Swivel Flanges intends to solve the problem of misaligning bolt holes in otherwise parallel flanges by allowing zpi of the Swivel Flange to bring the bolt holes 17x common alignment. Given these design criteria this paper evaluates the peak stresses in the threads for both principal stresses and combined component stresses and correlates them to the nominal stress in the bolt to define a stress concentration factor SCF value based on bolt size.

Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. The connection make-up force and external loads shall react primarily on the raised face of the flange.

Lim Cameron, a Schlumberger Company P.

Bunch Cameron, a Schlumberger Company Y. Proceedings of an Aoi Conference Submersible Technology: These documents provide both design stress allowables and material requirements for bolting.

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This Clamp connection should work with the connections shown in the Table below. Therefore, at least apo of the Flanges in a connection shall have a raised face. Proceedings of an international conference Diverless and Deepwater Techology: Three bolt sizes, 1", 2" and 3" were evaluated where each bolt was modeled as a single bolt assembly simulating a nut to bolt connection, a flange thickness and a threaded API body. To view a catalog page on Swivel Flanges, Click Here.

The analysis is based on elastic stress distribution in the threads and an assumed intial defect size based on nondestructive examination NDE inspection.

To return to this page use your browser back button. Peer reviewed only Published between: The finite element analysis FEA considered both elastic and elastic-plastic material properties for comparison of results.

Click here for API 17D specified torque values for Fluoropolymer coated bolts and nuts connecting flanges in sub sea applications. Technical Tidbits, Final comments on stress life methods, Issue No.

API 6A and 17D Bolting Stress Analysis and Fatigue Consideration - OnePetro

Log in to your subscription Username. Proceedings of an international conference Oceanology: Using the results of the FEA, stress range vs. Operators should use an alternate method to measure tension in the bolts to confirm the applicability of this table. API Spec 17D, 1st.

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