Ooad interview questions and answers

This is why I am sharing some frequently asked object oriented design questions from Java programming interviews here. Your short URL should also record the stats about how many time it was accessed. Use case answer what will the system do? It should follow basic traffic rules, allow a pedestrian to cross the road, and traffic to pass in reasonable time. This relationship is applied when the part contained with in the whole part, dies when the whole part dies.

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Your system should also be able to handle concurrent user and millions of URL shortening per day.

OOAD Interview Questions And Answers - Programming interview questions and answers

Active objects are one which instigate an interaction which owns a thread and they are responsible for handling control to other objects. Btw, this tutorial is about object oriented system design and I'll share questions on that.

There you need to follow answefs of flexible and maintainable designs e. So, simply it is an art of discovery. These are express using class,object and Use-case diagrams. That means Association with "whole-part" relationship. It is the relationship between dependent and independent classes.

Before getting into the design the designer should go through the SRS prepared by the System Analyst. You need to design a software to control traffic lights at a junction where traffic are coming from four sides. Give an example of the polymorphism. The University can not exist without Department that means it is strong relationship between them.

OOAD Object Oriented Analysis & Design

Use case answer what will the system do? It is mathematically very strong, as it is Antisymmetric and Transitive. Use Case is a answere or the goal performed by the end user.

What is method overriding? Questions like, how do you design a vending machine or a traffic control system is very popular in object-oriented programming language interviews e. Relationships are used to represent the interaction between the modeling elements.

Class diagram model the static structure of the project.

Top 5 Object Oriented Design Interview Questions for Programmers, Software Engineers

It takes care structural and behavioral aspect of a software system. You can insert full URL and get a short one. How do object model, dynamic model and functional model differ from each other? How to represent the interaction between the modeling elements?

You need to make sure your tables are in 3rd normal form and there is a nice balance between duplication of data and easiness of querying the data. It shows relationships between classes,objects,attributes and operations. Software development method describes how to model and build software systems in a reliable and reproducible way. This is why I am sharing some frequently asked object oriented design questions from Java programming interviews here.

In order to accomplish this, the developer refers the existing sysems and documents. What is the difference between publicly derived inheritance and privately derived inheritance? When does it occur?

This association signifies that the whole intervie can exist without the aggregated object. Also explain relationship among different models. Objects Inheritance Polymorphism Abstraction. Return selected product and remaining change if any Allow reset operation for vending machine supplier Problem 2: Make sure you how your design will evolve if a lift is installed on high rise buildings over 20 floors.

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