Edward tufte beautiful evidence

But that is a small nit. I think people want information summarized in many cases. He is an expert in the presentation of informational graphics such as charts and diagrams, and is a fellow of the American Statistical Associa Edward Rolf Tufte born in Kansas City, Missouri to Virginia and Edward E. It contains historical maps and diagrams as well as contemporary charts and graphs. He revisits a couple of past topics, including a much more detailed analysis of the famous visual describing troop losses in Napoleon's Russian campaign.

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Beautiful Evidence

Come to think of it, all of his books should be required reading — in the age of pictures and words, they could take the place of freshmam composition ET as he refers to himself clearly has great insights on conveying information. Trivia About Beautiful Evidence.

Quality paper carries large and sharp reproductions of his examples formatted so that text and related graphics always share the same page.

In Visual Explanations it was the Challengerand in this book it was Columbia. Would Tufte say say it was ok, he might well, but at least you could argue that back with what he's written?

There was a significant overlap with The Visual Display of Quantitative Informationbut it addressed several elements that I thought were absent there - including, for instance, more emphasis on good design, and explaining why a particular design was well designed, and fewer comments edwqrd I found difficult to link to the charts provided.

Worth reading for comparing information density of 1 powerpoint, 2 speech, 3 printed words and 4 dense visuals alone.

Beautiful Evidence

Aug 28, Roger Wood rated it liked it Shelves: No matter how much useful information there is tuufte it's not nearly as content-dense as he believes charts should betrying to prise it from this book is an effort I don't recommend to anyone. In this review I will, after bewutiful general observations, make some brief remarks about each of the nine chapters, and then conclude with two aspects of the book about which I have critical comments.

The examples with the Columbia and Challenger space shuttle disasters were both well-reasoned and sad. This excess of confidence prevented NASA leaders from inspecting the exterior of the shuttle using another satellite, which they could easily have done.

They're dense, word-sized line graphs that can show, in less than an inch, the last readings of a patient's glucose, a year's worth of stock activity or the win-loss record of a baseball team.

While I Mesmerizingly studious analysis of design, both the good and the bad. It's a bit of a diversion from the book's idea of evidence, unless you consider that a piece of sculpture is contentand the pedestal is not content. The essays are somewhat uneven-- I really enjoyed the chapter about sparklines, and his demolition of Powerpoint near the end of the book was pretty much worth the cover price by itself.

Mar 25, Cale rated it did not like it. Tufte's latest book quotes British typographer Eric Gill: For alert consumers of presentations, there are evidencw on diagnosing evidence corruption and PowerPoint pitches.

A review of Edward Tufte's 'Beautiful Evidence'

The book led was one of the most enlightening books that I've every read. I saw no claim against bias except a statement that they were "unbiased" selections.

He periodically travels around the United States to offer one-day workshops on data presentation and information graphics. A just slightly different version of this review has been published in.

They're tedious barriers between you tugte what's great about this book. Favorite snippet from his PowerPoint rant: His daylong seminars attracts a wide variety of people who deal with data -- Web designers, marketing analysts and doctors. It removes subtlety and shades of grey and it breaks ideas into arbitrary chunks based on how much will fit on a slide. For example, we are given another lengthy treatment of the flow map of Napoleon's March made by Charles Minard, some trademark Tufte sperging about Swiss maps, and incomprehensible diagrams cataloging the outcome of English rowing competitions.

Edward Tufte, Offering 'Beautiful Evidence'

Any claims of value for slide presentations were quickly dismissed by saying that important other folks found slide presentations bad. Science and art have in common intense seeing, the wide-eyed observing that generates visual information.

Beautiful Evidence fulfills the expectations of yet another superbly crafted showcase of interesting visuals. Far too often, he says, the bells and whistles of PowerPoint are used as a crutch by people who don't have anything to say.

Jun 27, Titania Remakes the World marked it as to-read. Sep 26, Anh rated it liked it. Return to Book Page.

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