Bpt framework in qtp

You just need to prepare the required artifacts that are building the building blocks of BPT. It is a repository, containing all the resources, required to develop the Business Components. Once Components are arranged in the test scripts editor pane it is displayed as five column structure: Step 2 Automating the Manual Components Building the Application Area Application Area is a logical entity which helps us to group the all required resources to automate the application or part of application.

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Application Area tab displays the name of the application area used by the Component, as youll as Used By and Using grids, which display the entities that use the application area, and the resources that the application area uses.

Click on the automation button as shown below and select either convert keyword driven or scripted Component. When you click on the import option it will show File dialogue box to allow us to select the required file as shown below.

6 Popular Test Automation Frameworks for UFT (QTP)

In the Post-Condition section, mention the application status after performing the Component steps. BPT status is determined by the most severe state of all its Components. BPT helps indulge Business Analysts in the automation process. The machine in which you want gpt run, QTP software should be available. It will display the Launch button to launch the QTP.

6 Popular Test Automation Frameworks for UFT (QTP)

Contains the steps which Component has to perform. Once Components are arranged in the test scripts editor pane it is displayed as five column structure: You can use this tab if you want to pass data or retrieve data from the Component.

You can create one application area for the whole application or as many as application areas for the different parts of the application depending on the requirement.

There is no role for the manual testers in the automation process. Will display the dependency relationships that exist betyouen other entities like Components, BPTs, flows, test resources, and application areas.

Once click on the run button 'Run or Debug Test' window is displayed. If you have input parameters it is displayed in this column. Keyword-driven component Navigate to the automation tab.

Application area contains shared object repositories, function libraries and all blt settings required to automate the Components. If you have output parameters it is displayed in this column.

Click on the test plan module icon in the left side pane Create a folder in which you want to create Business process tests by clicking on the add folder icon. Based on the add-ins you have selected other environment related settings options. A BPT can be any one of the following status at any given point of time. Once the BPTs are added to the execution grid, you need to click on the 'Run' button.

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Enables us to create, manage, and automate reusable Business Components, which will contain the steps to perform a specific function in a Business process. You can also select the Framewprk and use the arrow symbol instead of drag and drop as youll. When a Component request is initiated in the Test Plan module then it ni in the 'Not Implemented' status shown below.

Once you selected the Map parameter dialog box will displayed in which you need to map the Column headings in the file to parameters in the Component. Displays changes made to any fields in an entity.

bpt framework in qtp | Automation Lab:- A touch of madness!

Converting the manual component to automated component Navigate back to the QC and design tab of the particular Component which you want to automate. Hi Naveeen I gone through your post, Would you like to suggest me which framework is good for eCommerce web application testing using UFT. Business Components and folders are identified by specific icons in the Component tree mentioned below- Folder: If you want to run only selected iterations you can use the 'Select Iterations' and you can range of iterations which you want run as shown below.

They design the manual Business Components which will test a specific action or functionality. If you double click on the particular test it will display further and detailed results of the particular test. Following add-ins should be installed. Notify me of new posts by email.

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