Conversations with mani ratnam book

Mani Ratnam himself seems to be annoyed at various instances during the course of the book including a point where he mentions 'critics like to find films that they can bunch into one category and put under one chapter. To be quite honest, I regard Rangan as one of the best writers on cinema in India for his sheer articulation of subtext. I said more wows reading about these movies from the creator's viewpoint than when I actually saw those.

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And I so wish Goodreads comes up with the 0. Although the book came to in a quite well condition Aug 13, harish jp rated it really liked it.

But when they are up there shining like brillant stars, we go back, revisit their work and say WOW. Goood book reminiscing the making of some of my favorite Mani Rathnam movies from s.

Mani Ratnam comes across as genuine and open, baring details of how he got into films a little late, his naivete initially about how they are made. A little more than 10 years or so ago, a movie that ran across multiple cinema halls in the country for more than a days or so was deemed a blockbuster.

Conversations with Mani Ratnam

Best book for lovers of Mani Sir It was interesting to note that Mani Rathnam does not believe in giving a 'message' through his films. By resourceful I mean he makes the audience see things in movies that they might not have observed as such. Mani Ratnam's self-professed intellectualisation of something that was an instinctive creative process is wonderful as one discovers some of the back stories that don't make it in the final cut, but are integral to the emotional honesty of the narrative.

So this movie with all its deification does not have a plot, and this man Mani wanted it that way.

Conversations with Mani Ratnam by Baradwaj Rangan

In th Brilliant book by B. I wonder if perhaps it could have been better formatted by shifting Mani Ratnam's well-written note to the end as a sort of culmination. Sreeram as the cinematographer. Most often, we don't recognize legends during their making.

Rangan gives us almost a fan like view with his questions on how convedsations of the best movies were crafted. Nov 15, Saritha rated it liked it. The book is a storehouse of trivia, and while I've watched all his movies barring the initial fourit was quite interesting to learn why he chose to do a particular film the way he did.

Given any creator, the person would have some pattern of thinking and story t I have never read a book which talks about movies, so when I was having an eye on this book I was fascinated to pick it up directly.

Sreeram, Thotta Tharrani and Gulzar, among many others. In the process, he tries to end up asking questions, a lot of them, which do not really matter to the Mani Ratnam fanboy since he already knows the answers to those questions. Aside from making the reader want to watch every MR film again, this book offers fascinating glimpses into the creative process of a director who's up there among the best. I revisited this book two years after I had first read it, some quick thoughts on the book: The craft behind the art, straight from the elusive horse's mouth.

There are very few out there can write better than Rangan. Where my expectation was let down were in conversation going more on character woth and not film making. Mani Ratnam has made some of the most influential movies of our times and can be credited for taking Tamil Cinema to new heights, but this book is not the book to glorify him.

For the author's voice, read the introduction where he writes about being a movie lover at a particular point in time in Chennai. Made me reflect on the nuances in filmmaking and at the same time, a voice asking me to let go of too much intellectualisation.

Conversations with Mani Ratnam - Baradwaj Rangan - Google Books

Good one from Rangan though! What do you want to ask about a movie? Now to spend one weekend watching all his movies one after the other.

Unlike the technicians and artists, he can't afford to be contended with their respective roles, and the larger picture matters to him. Rangan dons the hat of a film critic throughout the book and asks Mani Ratnam some of the most inane questions about his films, and one can sense the director's ratanm through his responses.

Apr 16, Varadha Rajan rated it really liked it. One of the directors who has always been in the limeLight for technical excellence, showing different forms people and as well being critic for touching up on sensitive issues.

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