Microcontroller based power theft identification

Send this link to let others join your presentation: This conversion is performed by using phase locked loop PLL technique. M Transmitter is designed with a carrier of MHz. The received audio tone signal is amplified using signal amplifier.

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Voltage regulator h. By using this technology we can distribute more efficiently.

This is turn changes the threshold level of the timer and the output is high. Tamper proof seals and labels. The circuit at centralized sub-station consists of F.

This project envisages the development of energy theft thefg. M radio receiver built with IC A. In the recent survey conducted by the state electricity departments, shows that the electric generation and consumption records are not tallying due to lot of energy pilferage.


The design is tested and troubleshooting is done. Then it energizes an alarm and displays the address of thefft user. It's a technology, characterized by high reliability, restricted memory footprint and real time operation associated with a narrowly defined group of functions.

Our paper identifies the Power theft and indicates it to the Electricity board through Power line. Meter and line pulse sensor j.

Electronic devices and its operation Software used a. We had also dealt about the remote monitoring of an energy meter. We can detect the location from where the power is being stolen. The proposed project work aims on the design and development of energy theft prevention aspect.

Send this link to let others join your presentation: The centralized energy monitoring system receives the F. By detecting the energy theft cases, people or electric consumers will become alert and thereby the energy theft can also be prevented.

Micro Controller based Power Theft Identifier| Electronics ECE Project Topics

Express PCB Hardware used a. For monitoring and identifucation of meter tampering consumer number and address can be displayed on the LCD display which is connected at the output of Microcontroller assembly language is used.

Sensing Power theft Real-time power Monitoring Houses. Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator.

The tone mkcrocontroller generates the tone frequency corresponding to the electric consumer involved in energy theft. One is light sensing device and the other one is touch sensitive device, which generates 2 KHz and 3 KHz audio frequencies respectively. With a technical view, "Power Theft" is a non-ignorable crime that is highly prevalent, and at the same time it directly affects the economy of a nation.

The tone generator generates the tone signal as a modulating signal to the built in MHz F. In the receiving section, the signal received is demodulated, amplified and digitized using ADC and is fed to Microcontroller This in turn changes the threshold level of the timer and the output is made high. In this present project, the scheme for indicating the power theft is based on the concepts of micro controller.

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The range between the transmitter and receiver can be increased based on the requirements to the desired extent with the usage of pre-amplifier stages and proper antennas. Tamper resistance ranges from simple features like screws with special heads more complex devices that render themselves inoperable or encrypt all data transmissions between individual chips, or use of materials needing special tools and knowledge.

Whenever the energy meter is opened or tampered, the light falls on LDR. Sensors such as movement detectors tilt detectors, air-pressure sensors, light sensors, etc.

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