By setting the gain to the assignable switches, the user can easily access the desired gain. The prices and options do not include shipping regulations and duties which will be checked in the checkout process. The file-based recording system also allows for material to be viewed directly on a PC, simply by linking it to the XDCAM unit via an i.

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One particular metadata, called EssenceMark Shot Markis a convenient reference that can be added to desired frames to make them easy to recall in subsequent editing processes. All transactions are subject to CVP security checks which are for our mutual protection against identity pde-700 and fraud.

In the event that additional checks are required you will be informed and dispatch time will be extended by the time taken to resolve any queries raised. Expand all Collapse all. BNC x 1, 1. The disk drive entrance is concealed by two lids, helping to prevent any dust from entering the drive. Shipping Calculator Please select Country.

Maximum Video Resolution recorded: The Professional Disc is extremely reliable and durable because it experiences no mechanical contact during recording or playback, and is packaged pdw-70 an extremely durable and dust-resistant disc cartridge.

Recording Format Proxy Video.

Well-balanced Pd-w700 Body The PDW is designed to be very compact and ergonomically well balanced, providing a high level of mobility and comfort in various shooting situations. The combination of file-based operation, optical recording and Sony's industry-leading camcorder technology has opened up new ways of working to broadcast and production facilities around the world.

File-based acquisition onto Professional Disc, with thumbnail and proxy operation will also make the PDW ideal for fast-turnaround news and live applications where speed of production is a critical requirement.

XLR-type 5-pin male, stereo x1. We understand the importance of education and we offer preferential pricing to all bona-fide educational establishments wherever possible, whether that be a one-off equipment order or a specialist design and installation of bespoke multimedia facilities, we have you covered. The bit rate is selectable from The user can select the four values cyclically or choose one preset value.

Sony PDW Specs - CNET

Sensor Resolution Mega Pixels: Whereas traditional tape archive systems must be rewound on a periodic basis to remove magnetic powder debris, the Professional Disc completely eliminates this process.

Interlace and Progressive The PDW offers a wide choice of video formats for both frame rates and scanning mode. XLR-type 4-pin male x111 V to 17 V. ECM Shotgun Electret condenser microphone.

XLR 5-pin male, stereo x 1 Time code: The overall flexibility of Proxy Data means that it can be used for a variety of applications, such as immediate logging on location, off-line editing, daily rushes of shooting on location, client approvals, and more. Metadata All XDCAM HD products are capable of recording a variety of metadata, which provides pd-w700 huge advantage when searching for specific data after an initial recording has been made.

By removing a disk from the drive and inserting a new pd-w700 within 30 seconds, video, audio, and time code can be recorded seamlessly onto the new disk.

Sony XDCAM PDW-700 (50 GB) High Definition Camcorder

Unfortunately we no longer sell this product The product details shown, are provided for historical reference only. Less than dB at 1 kHz, reference level. A recording and playback capability in All these operations are accomplished without the need for a digitizing process.

This is useful pdw-00 a sudden change happens in the shooting environment and a quick and direct setting is required. File-based data copying allows for degradation-free dubbing of AV content, which can be performed easily on a PC. In this event we will always do our utmost to keep you fully informed of any delay imposed. Optional Built-in LCD monitor: These include an i.

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