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That's what I'm trying to do via a macro. What's the easiest way to become a member and start posting? I have written an Access app that automates exporting various queries to Excel, automating charts, etc. Printing To Pdf This has been asked recently.

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VBA Macro To Print To PDF Via Specific Printer - Free Excel\VBA Help Forum

I have tried to record the steps in a macro that are involved in printing a worksheet to a PDF. If so then that explains why you were not able to print to PS - I thought you were doing it manually! Now you should have the printer setup locally on your pc.

I'm guessing you'll need to check if PrimoPDF has similar libraries that you can install or if it can even be controlled with VBA in the first place. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Help finding Active printer "on Ne02" to get all the available printers with ports into a list box or array Code:.

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You also acknowledge that this forum may be hosted outside your country and you consent to the collection, storage, and processing of your data in application.actieprinter country where this forum is hosted. Any way to do this?


This is because, with the same document opened in Word, I can select the 'Convert to Adobe PDF' toolbar button and this creates a temp. I turned it into a little function, which works great: Has anyone found a bullet-proof solution to this?

Help finding Active printer "on Ne02" ok guys Under create a new port select Local Port, then click applicatiion.activeprinter. I searched the forum and found a couple questions with application.activeprknter response here and here.

The error handler looping through Ne numbers worked once I got application.actjveprinter of the second on error goto statement, which Excel ignored even though I had set my options to break in class modules. However, by changing the settings on your Acrobat printer you can remove the dialogue boxes. The problem is that when I select the Adobe printer it appends the selection with a reference to "Ne The above FAQ links open in a new window.

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VBA Visual Basic for Applications (Microsoft) FAQ

I have excel printing some sheets to pdf and it works fine on my PC. Should i just dim as variant as well? The code Xdobe posted works with Adobe 6. Ozgrid is Not Associated With Microsoft. That's what I'm trying to do via a macro. Member List Calendar Forum Rules.

Printing to PDF from Macro

You may have to register before you can post: This is driving me nuts! Help finding Active printer "on Ne02" does this help http: Help finding Active printer "on Ne02" to get all the available printers with ports into a list box or array Code: Home Services Forums Advertise Contact. Become a Registered Member free to remove the ad that appears in the top post. Reply With Quote 0 0.

Place Excel into table with ability to link when native Excel file is updated. Share it with others Like this thread?

This used to work in the past!! Is this a Postscript file?

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