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As a Maryland insurance broker with a passion for naval history, his dream of writing a novel came true with his first effort, The Hunt for Red October Tom Clancy's writing style leaves a lot to be desired sometimes, even to a fan of this genre. There is one scene where the traumatized naval commander has to go back out on his new ship, haunted by the loss of his last one. If Hunt for Red October really was his best work then you should absolutely skip this book and I guess read that instead?

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Cover of first edition. We'll be exposed from intense air battles, to naval submarine hunts to land infantry infusion supported by artillery constant fire and field intel from sgorm units and much, much more.

Now depending on which story you believe, Reagan not only discussed the Soviet Union and how to win the cold war but also gave his counterpart a bit of reading advice: It is for the reader to decide how successful we have been. His enthusiasm is clearly evident, and it does make the book more pleasurable to read. Aug 04, Mahendra Palsule rated it it was ok. Let me just say off the bat that this book like rosing of Clancy's novels is rife with blatantly false stereotypes of Russian and Soviet characters, and a very poor understanding of the Russian language.

Red Storm Rising in My Mind

But after a while of drifting from one tense, desperate moment to another, you need something more than adrenaline to hold your focus. Sign In Don't have an account? Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Get rid of all the extra, meaningless text and make it more concise. My guess is a teenager today would not understand why it had such an impact as the Cold War is something they study in history. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. This is particularly so when we consider Clancy's interest in this area. Archived from the original on It looks this book was first time published inso the author intended for that time, for when the cold war tensions where at their peak between then USSR and the NATO forces, as such this scenario that is unfolding under our eyes should be placed in those times.

This book is perfect for anyone who enjoys a good thriller and like me hates inaccurate information, because you will not find any in this book. If you like taut, sweat inducing, can't-stop-reading drama - this book is amazing. It goes a little something like this.

Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy | Books on Tape

Full disclosure - here's what I did not like: Citation needed use of battleships in modern war was demonstrated during the Gulf Warwhen the Missouri and Wisconsin shelled shore-based artillery sites, antiship missile facilities, and Iraqi troop concentrations arrayed along the coasts of Iraq and Kuwait, and on Faylaka Island.

It made the near-sighted Maryland insurance salesman a sensation.

His predictions on the high rate of munitions expenditure also appears to have been borne out—even though the initial attack on Iraq was short, it drained U. In order to mobilize popular support within the Soviet Union specifically against West Germany, the Politburo arranges a bomb blast in the Kremlin, killing, among others, some visiting children from an elementary school in Pskovpublicly pinning the blame on a West German exile.

There is one scene where the traumatized naval commander has to go back out on his new ship, haunted by the loss of his last one. I rated this book three stars because at the end of the day this is pretty much a run-of-the-mill techno war thriller, and is very typical of that genre. We never did figure out the division of labor, but what Larry and I accomplished was to complete a book as co-authors when our only contract was a handshake--and have a whole lot of fun doing it! This article or section requires clean-up.

Clancy suggests that several conventional ideas about a ground conflict between modern armies are wrong.

Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy |

It was such an engrossing read especially as a teenager in the 's. Clancy's stand-alone novels again. Iceland Sooooooooo Sigur Ros The cover, that is. I tried to get her interested. In actuality, computers of the day were not powerful enough to design the F's stlrm surfaces, resulting instead in the simpler and more angular F Nighthawk. The one thing I do remember is reading it for three straight days on the porch.

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