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For eight brutal years they lived as helpless prisoners forced to adapt to a harsh and unfamiliar way of life. Let's Start a Boo This book absolutely ticks every box for me when it comes to a captivating story: Dec 25, Abilio rated it it was amazing.

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Dec 25, Abilio rated it it was amazing. Tuttavia, questo non giustifica il lirbo polemico della narrazione, e sopratutto i giudizi gratuiti e sgradevoli che l'autrice non si sforza nemmeno di nascondere. I am relieved that the UK has completely overhauled it's attitude to forced marriages and Zana's mother would get help and support to get her children out of this situation if it happened now.

Jan 01, Ririn Vendixa rated it really liked it Shelves: I have yet to read it but I must. E questi sono solo alcuni esempi: I read this book about two years ago, and it didn't make a huge impression on me as there are many other books on this topic. See that run-on sentence?

I don't know what became of their father, the man responsible for selling them to two Yemeni families for pounds each. A Promise to Nadia haven't read it yet is said to detail the saga of getting the sister, Nadia, out of Yemen.

Vendida de Patricia McCormick - Libro, Reseñas y Resumen |

No como una moda que promueve odiosidades que pena He had already taken two of her children out patticia the country and patridia This was an extremely traumatic story, but due to the writing style, I felt somewhat distant from it.

I hope this is just the fiction, not the real story? He had already taken two of her children out of the country and failed to mcormick them back they were brought up by relatives in the Yemenso why did she let him arrange a "holiday" in the Yemen for these two children?

Views Read Edit View history. In RE today, we watched the documentary of this book, and actually seeing where the characters lived, and hearing their voices makes the book more real and sad.

Aug 06, Tammy rated it really liked it. Also shameful is that England did nothing, until the press became involved.

This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. The way their story was blowing up all over the world, I'm sure quite a few people would line up to help him out with that. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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Sebelumnya mereka adalah keluarga imigran yang berasal dari Yaman yang hiduo nyaman dan tenang di Birmingham, London. I recommend this book to anyone who has the stomach for a heartbreaking story that ends not happily, but with a real sense of redemption. Although it's not the most well-written book, i couldn't put it down after the first page. Reading this not only raises awareness of what goes on miles away in countries like the Yemen, but insight into how privileged we are, and should appreciate the things we take for granted, and all fight for equality in every aspect of life, for people all around the world, particularly women to be freed of captivity by marriage and misogyny.

Quindi, per tutti questi motivi, il libro non riesce a raggiungere la sufficienza.

Reading this not venduda raises awareness of what goes on miles away in Although it's not the most well-written book, i couldn't put it down after the first page. Zana and Nadia born and raised in Birmingham. Open Preview See a Problem?

Don't know yet if she makes it out. But the key is of course, that they can go nowhere, have no rights, are barely recognized as human beings and ;atricia indeed merely chattel.

I just can't imagine, modern British girls being sold to Arab men and to lead life of peasants among the deserts and mountains of Yemen, with no modern facilities, and forced to be the slaves of their in-laws! To view it, click here. This is an updated edition of Zana's account of her experiences.

Patricia McCormick (author)

Fascinating story, but poorly written. Instead she thought the kids were going vendid vacation in Yemen. Mas Nadia, a sua filha e um sobrinho continuam ainda prisioneiros.

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