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The judges and clerks of the ministry work closely with the great princes to implement laws as decreed by the empress and maintain a vast repository of legal texts dating back to the Thousand Cities Era. The project was resurrected by the former regent when he discovered the plans, and through influence and his own fortune saw construction resumed. Ascendants Doleth, Ellena, Gordenn, Katrena, and Sambert have the largest followings in Khador and the most churches and monasteries devoted to spreading their respective message. Formerly, it shared a border with Llael , but as of AR the country was successfully invaded and annexed into Khador, throwing it's future sovereignty into doubt.

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Even after the powerful lords governing these regions surrendered their authority, they clung to ancestral claims of royal blood. Though these judicial bodies possess the same latitude in determining outcome in both types of cases, in practice the state of justice is relative to the means of the parties at odds in the suit.

Come in three varieties, Bombardiers with grenade launcher chainsaws. When the Orgoth took over, Khador got the worst of the occupation.

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A few more elite units have been outfitted with actual rifles. Kossites can also make use of Yuri, as he grants them treewalker, which might help them survive an axe to warmacjine encounter while huddled up in forests. The royal court consists of the Prince Consort ,Great Princes as well as vassals and liegemen. Sign In Don't have an account?

Though the citizens are narrowly split between the Morrowan and Menite faiths, ancient religious feuds have been set aside warmachlne the call of the Motherland. Has Bulldoze and Dodge. However this has strengthened its people, who are known to endure hardships that would break anyone else. Due to its great size and variation, Khador has great abundance of natural resources.

Armed with Magtek nightvison goggles, shields, and guns with gas grenade launchers. Drago is pretty much an upgraded Berserker with higher MAT and Executioner Axes, and can make an additional melee attack against all models in range if its initial attack hit.

Because these few officers are generally overworked, they must prioritize criminal matters under their purview. It also makes it annoying for your opponent when your Kossites ignore forests entirely when drawing LOS. They sneak in a trenchline and wreak havoc allowing for the Winter Guard to safely cross no man's land.

They like snow, bears, snow, men that act like bears, and heavy industry like mining. The legal atmosphere in Khador could be considered antiquated when compared with that of its rival, Cygnar, as all laws spring from the authority of the monarchy or are based on ancient precedents and tradition. The judges and clerks of the ministry work closely with the great princes to warrmachine laws khaador decreed by the empress and maintain a vast repository of legal texts dating back to the Thousand Cities Era.

The oldest type of warriors hailing all the way back to the days before the Iron Kingdoms. However, due to the great geographic distances in Khador coupled with the climate and terrain, the exploitation of natural resources has been hindered.

To compensate for this they use only heavy jacks which can be salvaged and rebuilt over and over, reusing the same cortex.

They're immune to Fire and Corrosive damage, two of the other factions main element types, and ignore cloud effects. The great vizier enjoys great latitude as he goes about creating offices and appointments in the course of his duties.

Karchev was a veteran warcaster during the Thornwood war where his body was destroyed in a struggle against a Cygnaran warcaster. Literacy is not necessarily common among people speaking Khadoran. Has Special Issue Zoktavir, meaning it can be included in any of Butchers theme lists and can be bonded to him.

They put far more importance in national loyalty: Good for displacing enemy jacks, messing with enemy coordination. However, recently between the new Empress and Irusk they've gotten their shit together, taking over Llael and a good chunk of Ord.

They have a seething hatred of the Southern Kingdoms especially Cygnar for, essentially, not rolling over and giving them the world domination they feel they deserve. The rights of these lines were reaffirmed following the Corvis Treaties when Khador was established as a new nation.

Khador jacks are the toughest in Warmachine, however this comes at wxrmachine cost of SPD, and warachine lack of light jacks. The oldest warjack in service to Khador.

The attention such cases draw nearly guarantees they will be khadr by the most senior court warmachind the region, usually the duma itself, as lower courts are too easily intimidated by the presence of imperial officers. The coursework is grueling when compared to Cygnaran institutes, but the Khadoran Institute of Engineering prides itself on its remarkable efficiency.

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