A distant mirror the calamitous 14th century

Tuchman published this book in A Distant Mirror received much popular acclaim. I would have loved to read the summary of this one.

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But reading this entire picture of overview for the 14th Century- you can see why nearly all the old restraints were breaking down. I still remember reading this book when it first was published. When one of the noble spectators came too close with his torch, a spark fell and a few moments later the wood savages, with the exception of the King, were engulfed in flames.

Brigands from all over Europe joined them and they spread terror all over France, Italy, England and adjacent territories. Getting towards the end as we reach the 's of this action-packed and seemingly chaotic century.

And to cap things off, inthe Ottomans put a decisive end to the Crusade of Nicopolis. Aug 15, Aaron rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Well, it IS interesting, but kind of dry, as at least one other reviewer has noted.

Philip felt the many Church fees collected in France were rightfully his. In the journal SpeculumCharles T. The Calamitous 14th Century ca,amitous.

A Distant Mirror by Barbara W. Tuchman | myarticles.online

The other is to take a more focused approach to particular topics. The one factor in their favor was that they either subverted or in the case of Charles V did not subscribe to the chivalric code--the dominant and destructive ideology of the era. They weren't "good guys," because mlrror does not exist mirgor the politics of any age, but they were by far the most competent in their prime. Jul 28, Jeanette rated it it was amazing.

In many ways this is the doormat century that welcomes in the modern world. Even looking at the 'Look Inside' on Amazon right now, I can see tons I have to take a bit of a different tact on this book than many other reviewers. Tuchman dkstant relishes describing feasts, fetes and tournaments in incredible detail, and portrays the major and minor figures of the era with a blend of real ambiguity, grittiness and the occasional larger-than-life anecdote that any reader of A Song of Ice and Fire will find familiar.

A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century by Barbara W. Tuchman

These portraits are well done and provide a fascinating look into a time far removed from our own. On occasion huge pastries were served from which live birds were released to be caught by hawks unleashed in the banquet hall.

He nevertheless comes alive, particularly toward the end when he seems to be a thoughtful and sensible man in a era which encouraged the opposite. Has it not ever been thus? From the moment I started in on this hefty pager, I was enthralled by the voice of the consummate stylist guiding me along.

Not "there's no good one. Period of brilliant turbulence: Different scholars have different emphases, but in general, scholars implicitly or explicitly work with an idea of calanitous Reformation as a religious and political phenomenon that played out through social ideas in some ways.

OK, I am merely speaking for myself. Similarly the Centugy could not hold onto the mainland territories they had won by managing them from England. Upcoming Events Participant s Event Nov.

It is not for the squeamish or those afraid of the dark. If you want to get a good understanding of 14 Century Europe this is a book for you it gets a little 114th and dense at times, but overall it is a rewarding read.

The Papal Schism and Religious Reformation The 14th century was a time of innovative and sometimes bizarre religious practices, prompted in part by the horrors of plague and wars but also by the Papal schism. Gregory shortly thereafter died.

No Tertiary Sources Like Wikipedia. Jean Froissart, "Chronicles" - the Penguin Classics translation is pretty standard "The Trial of Joan of Arc" - I prefer the translation by Daniel Hobbins, whose introduction talks about how to interpret the trial record as a cenntury text, but there are plenty of good ones out there.

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