The dynamic laws of prosperity by catherine ponder

Oct 28, Kevin E rated it it was amazing. I always feel empowered and excited afterward. Never fails to inspire and renew. A person trained in prosperity thinking will be very careful to only think thoughts of prosperity, knowing that only these can attract success back to them. Powerful stuff within this cover.

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I turn the pages of this book and find myself back in a positive frame of mind! Powerful stuff within this cover. Aug 16, Debbie D rated it it was amazing Shelves: Recommended by Robin Sharma I reread this book every day.

Ponder and I think she knew what she was talking about long before the new ones that came out after. I could be wrong, but believe that this is the first book in the series. I also like how Dynamic Laws includes prayers and affirmations that help you focus on specific angles of prosperity. It taught me to create a vision board that all came to be within 1 year! Tom Butler-Bowdon success classics.

Although she is no longer able to honor the many requests that are made, she continues researching and writing on the subject of abundance.

Her life expanded dramatically whilst she was in the midst of finishing that book.

Dynamic Laws of Prosperity eBook by Catherine Ponder | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Open Preview See a Problem? Imagine sitting in the lap of your favorite grandparent and learning the secrets to a magnificent, abundant life. Do I have to pay to read this book? Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.

It offered new "tools" to add to my meditation and spirituality practices, and I have a better grasp on how to work with the Law of Attraction. Make way for growth.

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder

Think of and expect lavish abundance for the day ahead when you wake up in the morning. When you think about being prosperous, do any negative feelings come up?

The eBooks are in Prosoerity Acrobat Reader. It has blessed my life in a tremendous way. The affirmations were helpful, as were the suggested exercises. The chapter on overcoming debt may alone justify the price of the book. She married and moved to the southwest, where her husband taught at the University of Texas.

The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

You get from the universe what you give to the universe, both good and bad. Jun 25, Jonathan Dupree rated it it was amazing. Always a new quote or story jumps out that I may have missed. Appreciate the prosperity principle that you've got to give to get.

Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

I have used positive affirmations to create positive changes in everything in my life from finances and career to my relationship with my husband and my family.

The concept of the vision board from the movie "The Secret" is discussed in here and this book came out long before that movie. Reverend Ponder is a Unity minister.

It is a very positive book and that is what I really got from this book, the power of positive thinking. And, with breathtaking rapidity, these ideas worked, for all types of people! Sep 12, B. Don't settle for the other Audible version, which unfortunately is devoid of the depth and richness that only Catherine Ponder can convey.

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