Agricola de re metallica

Of utmost importance were the dealings he had with some leading mining experts. Good book and presentation, I was searching this book since some time ago, and it was good to found it in Amazon and to have it, It's a classic of the mining literature. A miner should have knowledge of philosophy , medicine , astronomy , surveying , arithmetic , architecture , drawing and law , though few are masters of the whole craft and most are specialists. Around to Agricola returned to his native country. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

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Shows how ingenious they were. In some gold and silver smelting a lot of slag is produced because of the relative poverty of the ore and the tap hole has to be opened at various times to remove different slag materials. Gold and silver are parted using an aqua which is probably nitric acid.

This section is full of classical references and shows Agricola's classical education to its fullest. Simple Experiments in Atmospheric Physics. This book consists of the arguments used against the art and Agricola's counter arguments.

De re metallica - Wikipedia

Powerful states like the Roman Empire could only exist thanks to the availability of sufficient metals and other raw materials. The translation is notable not only for its clarity agricol language, but for the extensive footnotes, which detail the classical references to mining and metals.

Agricola describes searching streams for metals and gems that have been washed from the veins. Amazon Ketallica Stream millions of songs. It was also an important chemistry text for the period and is significant in the history of chemistry.

Around to Agricola returned to his native country. I was pretty excited to get this book, then I began flipping through it. Our knowledge of medieval mining relies mainly on archaeological remains and on the legal organization revolving around the mining industry.

In the Middle Ages these people held the same leading role as the master builders of the great cathedrals, or perhaps also alchemists. Agricola also describes a compass to determine the direction of veins and mentions that some writers claim that veins lying in certain directions are richer, although he provides counter-examples.

De re metallica

The loss of food from the forests destroyed can be replaced by purchase from profits, and metals have been placed underground by God and man is right to extract and use them. He wanted to show that mining is a noble undertaking, incorrectly looked down upon. But he has not metxllica any inventions of his own. Don't have a Kindle?

Partly, that was because this knowledge was very difficult to agricooa. Agricola describes several books contemporary to him, the chief being a booklet by Calbus of Freiberg in German. Finally, he again directly addresses his audience of German princes, explaining the wealth that can be gained from this art.

This book deals with assaying techniques. In the bronze and iron ages the extraction and processing of metal metalljca became of interest. Then cupellationcruciblesscorifiers and muffle furnaces are described.

Agricola addresses the book to prominent German metxllica, the most important of whom were Maurice, Elector of Saxony and his brother Augustus, who were his main patrons. Agricola his real name was Georg Bauer was born in in Glauchau in Saxony.

He explains that mining and prospecting are not just a matter of luck and hard work; there is specialized knowledge that must be learned. Joachimsthal the current Jachymov in Czechia was only a few years earlier, increated after rich silver finds on site.

Add both to Cart Add both to List. Through his professional interest in mining, and with the assistance of his wife Lou Henry Hoover, a Latin scholar who had studied geology in collegeHoover translated De Re Metallica into English.

Only centuries after Agricola were science and technology so far progressed that they could be valuable for each other.

De Re Metallica

He settled in Chemnitz where he found the time to write and publish. The lead containing the gold is separated by cupellation, the metal rich slags er re-smelted. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

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