Salinity really affects metabolism and growing process. The growth of thallus will be more and fast. At 20 cm there vertikulltur segments which will be the last segment is calculated from the top. The growth of seaweed will be apparent when there is an increasing number of the thallus and the increasing weight of the seaweed.

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According to the anova test result and beda nyata jujur BNJit shows that depth level BR1 1 — BR1 10 gave no influence towards the growth rate of Gracilaria sp in the water of Kelagian Island.

The highest absolute growth is in level BRL4 with the weight of The best daily growth rate occurred in level BRL 4 with a growth rate of 2.

The highest production is in the level BRL4 with 8, gram 8. Because the better the bamboo we use, the longer its usage. In the end of the research, the highest final weight occurs in the depth level of BRL4 with Sunlight is one of the factors that dominates to affect the growth Gracilaria over the other factors. Weekly weight gain of the seaweed is recorded in Table 2.


To test the effectiveness of the relative growth rate can be done by comparing the growth rate of the seaweed of each sample, do the normality test first. Vertikultuur method also can be used in the wavy and strong current water. While according to Herliany et al.

The highest growth rate is in level BRL4 in the sixth week additional weight of High-temperature fluctuation could disturb metabolism and growth of Gracilaria sp.

The result is really good.

This kind of seaweed has a high tolerance towards temperature eurythermal. The research result shows that physic-chemistry water parameter is suitable for cultivating Gracilaria sp. According to Susantothe growth of seaweed in the water with small waves is relatively smaller. However, such waters have become too rare. The intensity of the sunlight mostly affecting the growth of the Gracilaria sp.

However, in BRL4 increased growth is o ccurred Figure 3. There are several factors that can affect the growth rate of Grasilaria sp.

Seaweeds were planted as many as 40 points for each 10 levels depth BRL ; 0, 70,, and cm from the surface.

Research Article

The data did not show any significant whatsoever. For more information about SteemitBoard, click here.

The vertikultur method that has been in the application can be seen in Figure 2. Trending Trending Votes Age Reputation. Data is shown in Table 1.


Cultivated Seaweed is not tied but inserted in a kind of vertikuktur pocket that is specially designed for preventing the break of thallus, fall out, and damaged by the waves, current, and predators. This research did not measure those factors base on the depth level.

The vertioultur average growth rate occurs in shelf level BRL4 While the lowest is in BRL10 with The development of the research is good. Seaweed has a varied range of temperature. Because it has a total of 20 holes planting of two bamboo sticks, then quite freely to choose the verfikultur best seeds. The weight of the cultivation is an increase, increase in weight and the number of the thallus. At 20 cm there vertikulltur segments which will be the last segment is calculated from the top.

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