Connor-davidson resilience scale cd-risc

Demographic and childhood environmental predictors of resilience in a community sample. Ensuring that a measure can be applied across different languages and cultures often proves to be a difficult task due to differences in societal norms and trouble with translation. Bezdjian and colleagues used the CD-RISC to examine the relationship between resilience and 6-month unsuitability attrition i. Although several scales addressing aspects of resilience have existed for some time, they had largely failed to penetrate into the world of clinical practice.

Amsler grid

Diagnosing Age-Related Macular Degeneration Most of the advanced diagnostics for studying the presence or progression of macular degeneration involve making images of the fundus the inside back of the eyeball and the retina. This entire site is dedicated to information regarding Macular Degeneration, but this page will give you a quick general overview to get you oriented. Amsler grids are supplied by ophthalmologists , optometrists or from web sites, and may be used to test one's vision at home. The Amsler grid is a simple square containing a grid pattern and a dot in the middle. These medicines are injected into the eye through a tiny needle, as often as once per month.