Simmel philosophie des geldes

In the presence of this uncertainty the individual reverts instinctively, especially in periods of panics, to an equation between the commodity and an intrinsically valuable thing. The starting point of the discussion lies in the contrast between the objective character and validity of value, and the subjective character of desire and the impulse from which it springs. Hilary rated it really liked it Jul 30,

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This tendency is shown in an intensive form in the use of gold pp. For this reason, attempts to achieve practical equality very often and in so many variations scorn intellectual education.

A George H. Mead source page

Now, as what determines the energy of the physical object is not the impulse to lift or weigh or look or hear, but the relations between the objects as "things," so what determines the philosophei of objects is not the impulse to eat or drink or love or get gain, but the relations of exchangeability. Subjectivity is dess liberated and corrupted by the action of attaching a price, in the sense that people would have more choices, but would be forced to separate people's self with their labor"?

It is not just a sociological look at money, but dips into metaphysics, a bit of economics, and uses historical examples.

In the first place, it is precisely because of their general accessibility that simnel quite independent of personal capacities decide on the factual utilization of knowledge. It's tough going, for economists or even sociologists who are accustomed to this kind of stuff. Siona rated it really liked it Aug 12, The character of our experience remains subjective e.

Primarily, however, this evolution could only begin with the equation between some commodity and some article of recognized standard value, such as the ox or the objects of universal geodes. Four star not because I have major disagreement with the content -- the discussion on the interaction of subjectivity and currency, which is basically the same theme of my critics towards the Wealth of Nations -- but the style.

In other words, money should be only a symbol of the relation between any one commodity and the whole mass of organized goods of the economic community.

As the satisfaction is not immediate, there is a distance between the impulse and that which will satisfy it, and that distance is "scarcity" pp. He also wrote extensively on the philosophy of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, as well on art, most notably his book Rembrandt: What could pphilosophie wrapped up in a few lines was extended to arduous and often times redundant plus distracting paragraphs. Shinta rated it really liked it Sep 13, Philosophie des Geldes 4. The original published version of this document is in the public domain.

Philosophie des Geldes

The writer maintains that there is such a world of economic values pp. Scholars are permitted to reproduce this material for personal use.

Plus a dystopian novel, when the time is right. He is skeptical of Marx's labor ismmel of value, as he considers management of resources and technology also possible factors. Money would be purely symbolic.

Philosophie des Geldes - Georg Simmel () - Work - Resources from the BnF

Hilary rated it really liked it Jul 30, While the transcendentalism inherent in the metaphysical treatment of money is repulsive especially when he discusses genderhis elaboration on the material semiotics and cultural situated-ness of money are absolutely brillian I can only quote Walter Benjamin: Seriously, how hard is it for Simmel to say: For Philosophue, culture referred to "the cultivation of individuals through the agency of external forms which have been objectified in the course of history".

At some point there's a nostalgia that saddened me. A good philosophy should be able to re-enchant the world and bring amazement to what was previously considered everyday-ordinary.

Instead, he says value is often correlated with sacrifice - a religious term, but one that is actually similar to the idea of marginal utility developed by the early Austrian school and used by mainstream economists today. Open Preview See a Problem? Casey rated it really liked it Sep 19, The logical consequence of such a theory of value is that the measurement of value must follow from the relations of economic things in exchange. Simmel's goal is to find out how and why this is the case, and his approach moves from geleds analytic to the synthetic.

George Herbert Mead: Review of Philosophy des Geldes by Georg Simmel

So there arise the objective worlds of the feldes and moral sciences. In its aim it is sociological, though its treatment covers many fields of political economy and finance. No matter whether somebody agrees or not with the content it as an exceptional effort to combine philosophy, sociology.

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