Architecture of 8085 microprocessor with block diagram

That diagram is very helpful for us. The accumulator can be used to send or receive data from the Internal Data bus. Each time when the data is loaded into stack, Stack pointer gets decremented. The result of an operation is stored in the accumulator.

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This is the function al Block Diagram of Microprocessor.

Instruction decoder decodes the information present in the Instruction register. The beginning of the stack is defined by loading a bit address in the stack pointer register. It controls the serial data communication by using these two instructions: These general purpose registers are 88085 to hold data like any other registers.

This register is used to store 8-bit data and to perform arithmetic and logical operations. D7 is reserved for indicating the sign; the remaining is the magnitude of number. The MPU generates specific control signals for every operation it performs. As discussed earlier, microprocessor was introduced by Intel in the year The accumulator is also identified as register A.

It is also called as operand register because it provides operands to ALU.

The ALU consists of accumulator, flag register and temporary register. The MP performs serial data input or output one bit at a time.

If D7 is 1, the number will be viewed as negative number. There are a lot of applications of Microprocessor in general life. The six general-purpose registers are used to store 8-bit data. It is a memory pointer. PC is bit register used to point the address of the next microprocwssor to be fetched and executed stored in the memory.

So does that mean the stack pointer points to portion of RAM? Accumulator is nothing but a register which can hold 8-bit data. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Internal architecture of 8085 microprocessor

These architectufe are bi-directional - data flow in both directions between the MPU and memory and peripheral devices. SP is bit registers used to point the address of data stored in the stack memory.

Introduction to Microprocessor Microprocessor Definition: Apart from the above function diagrwm registers can also be used to work in pairs to hold bit data. The address bus is unidirectional: These are used only during the execution of the instructions.


In the next article let us discuss about the. Thank you so much. Experts in Web Hosting. The various units of a microprocessor are listed below.

Architechture of -Free Microprocessor lecture

So, there is a necessity for holding the address of the next instruction to be executed in order to save time. Architecture Diagram of Microprocessor.

Arithmetic and Logic Unit.

The control bus carries synchronization signals and providing timing signals. Addressing Modes in There are five addressing modes in

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